Parish History

Saints James and Patrick Parish was formed on July 1, 2007 after the merger of Decatur's two oldest parishes - St. James (1877) and St. Patrick (1853). There were 2,868 registered parishioners that year, and 170 students attended St. Patrick School. There have been many renovations and updates to the school and churches thanks to the generosity and stewardship of our parishioners. Our parish history room is located at the St. James Parish House. 

Here are the addresses of each building:

St. James Church: 742 E Clay St. / Decatur, IL 62521

St. Patrick Church: 407 E Eldorado St. / Decatur, IL 62523

St. Patrick School: 412 N Jackson St. / Decatur, IL 62523


Fr. Chris Comerford ('20-Present)

Fr. John Burnette ('11-'20)

Fr. Jeff Grant ('07-11)

History of St. James Church

St. James Church was built at a cost of $3,500 and was dedicated in the summer of 1877. The church is dedicated to the Apostle St. James (the Lesser), who was a cousin of Jesus and became the first bishop of Jerusalem. 

History of St. Patrick Church

St. Patrick Parish was founded in 1853 and was the only Catholic parish in Decatur at the time. However, the current church building wasn't built until 1908 for a total cost of $125,000. The church was dedicated on November 21, 1909 to St. Patrick, who spent his life preaching the Gospel in Ireland during the 5th century.